POA Documents

Governing Documents

The Governing Documents below are the principal source for all the information about our association’s Rules and Regulations, By-Laws, Covenants, and Design Standards.

Covenants are non-governmental legal restrictions that apply to land and, hence, also apply to the owners of this land. They are legally binding. At Carnes Crossroads, there are two main sets of covenants that apply to all properties: the Carnes Crossroads Community Association, Inc. (CCCA) Covenants and the Carnes Crossroads Town Association (CCTA) Covenants. The Covenants are legal instruments that are recorded in the official land records office for Berkeley County and should have been provided by your attorney at closing. If you did not receive these, they are available for download here:

Carnes Crossroads Community Association CC&Rs (download)

Carnes Crossroads Town Association CC&Rs (download)

Association Budgets

Each association’s Board of Directors approves the budgets of the CCCA and CCTA each fall.

2020 Carnes Crossroads Community Association (CCCA) Budget

2020 Carnes Crossroads Town Association (CCTA) Budget

Declaration of Easements & Covenant to Share Costs

2017 Declaration of Easements and Covenant to Share Costs (download)

ts and Covenant to Share Costs (download)

Amenity Rentals, Rules & Regulations

Green Barn

Located in the heart of St. Thomas Park, the iconic Green Barn is a historic venue that is a favorite gathering place and home to a diverse array of special events, from a seasonal farmers’ market to cocktail parties, live concerts and fitness classes. The Green Barn is available for rent for special events like birthday parties, fundraising events, receptions, lectures, classes and more.

For information about renting the Green Barn for a special event, please contact Todd Haskett at thaskett@ccmcnet.com.

Green Barn Rental Agreement (download)



The Carnes Crossroads Community Association maintains the swimming pool in St. Thomas Park. The pool is open seasonally from 7 am to 10 pm, seven days a week. Gate attendants will be monitoring the pool starting Memorial weekend through Labor Day working 7 days a week from 11 AM to 6 PM.

Please note: Gate attendant duties will be to greet residents and guests as well as keep a watchful eye on the pool. They cannot and will not perform lifesaving rescues. Gate attendants are not meant to be babysitters. Ultimately, it is the parent’s responsibility to look after their child. Gate attendants will have the authority to let residents know when they are breaking the rules. These are the DHEC (South Carolina Department of Health and Environmental Control) and Pool Management rules. Residents are encouraged to notify the gate attendant on duty if they see any infractions so that they can notify POA staff if immediate response is needed.

There is an emergency phone at the pool for residents to use if a safety emergency occurs. This phone is located on the post at the pool gate common to the Green Barn. If an emergency arises and you need EMS or Police, please pick up this phone and press the button. You will be automatically connected to emergency personnel. The address for the pool is located above the phone for easy access.

Please know that we take the security and safety of our amenities very seriously and encourage you to let us know if you are seeing any dangerous behavior at any of our amenities. The pool is checked daily by our pool contractor.

Please note that if pool rules are not followed on a consistent basis, the privilege may be suspended.

Residents are encouraged to notify the POA if they have questions or concerns regarding the pool or the pool attendants.

We hope that property owners will have a safe and fun summer using the community pool in a responsible manner.

  • DHEC and POA Pool Rules
    • There should be no solo swimming
    • There should be no running, boisterous or rough play
    • No person under the influence of alcohol or drugs should use the pool
    • There should be no spitting or blowing nose in the pool
    • Persons with diarrheal illness or nausea should not enter the pool
    • Persons with skin, eye, ear or respiratory infections should not enter the pool
    • Persons with open lesions or wounds should not enter the pool
    • No animals or pets allowed in the enclosure
    • No glass allowed in the pool or on the pool deck
    • No children should be in the pool without supervision.
    • You should take a shower before entering the pool.
    • This pool is open from 7:00 am to 10:00 pm
    • The maximum number of swimmers allowed in the pool is 149
    • A First Aid Kit is located at the pool entrance
    • An emergency phone is located at the pool entrance
    • Lifesaving equipment is located on the fence
    • The pool operator of record at this facility is Sweetwater Pools. Service certification number is 37-281730
    • No food or drinks allowed in the pool
    • Children under 13 should not be in the pool without adult supervision
    • No air filled flotation of any kind is permitted in the pool
    • Vacate the pool and pool gates in the event of thunder/lightning. Remain clear of the area for 30 minutes after the last sight/sound of thunder/lightning.
    • For all Emergencies, please call 911
    • For all non-emergencies, contact the Carnes Crossroads POA office at (843) 761-8600.


Dog Park

Located on the greenway along Parish Farms Drive, the Dog Park at Carnes Crossroads is a convenient location for residents and their pets to mingle with their neighbors.

ets to mingle with their neighbors.

Regional Overview


Located on the southern coast of South Carolina and bordered on the east side by the Atlantic shoreline, the Charleston metropolitan area includes Berkeley, Charleston and Dorchester counties. The city of Charleston expands inward for 50 miles, occupying a total area of 90 square miles, including historic downtown Charleston, Daniel Island and surrounding suburban and island communities. …Read More

Distance to Popular Cities:

Columbia, SC – 125 miles
Hilton Head, SC – 115 miles
Charlotte, NC – 200 miles
Atlanta, GA – 334 miles
Savannah, GA – 123 miles
Orlando, FL – 390 miles
Miami, FL – 590 miles
Washington, DC – 483 miles
New York, NY – 768 miles


Charleston boasts a “temperate to semi-tropical” climate, offering year-round outdoor enjoyment for residents and visitors. The area averages 63% days of sunshine each year and an annual growing season of 294 days.

Average Annual Temperature – 65.3° F
Average Daily Maximum – 75.9° F
Average Daily Minimum – 54.7° F
Average Annual Rainfall – 51.53 inches
Average Relative Humidity – 86% (at 7am)


Average Temperatures by Month:

January – 47.9
February – 50.7
March – 57.7
April – 64.2
May – 72.1
June – 78.8
July – 81.7
August – 80.5
September – 76.1
October – 66.2
November – 58.0
December – 50.5

Demographic Information

Charleston Metro Region Demographic Information

Charleston Area Population:

Berkeley County – 194,020
Charleston County – 365,162
Dorchester County – 142,496
Metro Area – 712,220

Average Household Income:

Berkeley County – $64,589
Charleston County – $66,432
Dorchester County – $61,757

Source: U.S. Census Bureau’s 2013 Population Estimates, 2012 American Community Survey and 2010 Census …Read More


With a focus on hospitality, healthcare, the military and the Port of Charleston, the Charleston region boasts one of the most diverse economies in the Southeast.


Employment By Sector:

Government – 20.4%
Transportation & Utilities – 18.9%
Professional Services – 14.2%
Leisure & Hospitality – 12.5%
Education & Health Services – 11.3%
Manufacturing – 7.7%
Financial Activities – 4.6%
Natural Resources – 4.5%
Other Services – 4.2%
Information – 1.6%


Top Employers and Number of Employees:

Joint Base Charleston – 22,000
Medical University of S.C. – 12,200
Boeing SC – 8,200
Charleston County School District – 5,300
Roper St. Francis Healthcare – 5,100
Berkeley County School District – 4,200
Dorchester County School District – 3,100
Wal-Mart – 2,300
College of Charleston – 2,200
Charleston County – 2,100
Robert Bosch LLC – 1,800
City of Charleston – 1,700

Source: Charleston Metro Chamber of Commerce

Taxes and Cost of Living


Compared to many other thriving coastal communities, Charleston offers residents a reasonable cost of living, and the area’s state and local tax burden is significantly lower than the national average. …Read More

Personal Income Tax

South Carolina features a personal income tax structure that’s competitive and affordable. The state has a tiered, indexed personal income tax that ranges from 0% to a maximum rate of 7.0% for income over $13,800. There are six income tax brackets that are adjusted annually for inflation.

Property Tax

In South Carolina, only local governments levy property taxes. There is no state tax on real or personal property. Residents of Carnes Crossroads pay Berkeley County property taxes.

Real Estate Tax (Annual)

4% for qualified, owner-occupied residential real estate (must be completed within 90 days of purchase).

Sales Tax

Charleston County – 8.5%
Berkeley County – 8.0%
Dorchester County – 7.0%

For more tax information, visit the Berkeley County Tax Estimator.


Atlanta, GA – 95.6
Average Home Price: 90.7

Boston, MA – 132.5
Average Home Price: 152.7

Charleston, SC – 98.3
Average Home Price: 92.6

Charlotte, NC – 93.2
Average Home Price: 79.5

Columbia, SC – 100.4
Average Home Price: 82.3

Jacksonville, FL – 92.9
Average Home Price: 80.0

Memphis, TN – 87.7
Average Home Price: 77.9

Raleigh, NC – 98.2
Average Home Price: 88.8

Richmond, VA – 104.5
Average Home Price: 103.2

Savannah, GA – 93.5
Average Home Price: 84.0

Washington, DC – 140.1
Average Home Price: 226.4

Source: ACCRA Cost of Living Index (2010)