Weekly Update: 7/24/2020

Our office remains closed to walk-in traffic, but we are available during our normal business hours by phone or email, and can meet in person by appointment. In the meantime, please review the following important updates:

Traffic Control

To help manage the traffic flow from ongoing construction in our newer neighborhoods, stop signs have been ordered for two intersections on Carnes Crossing – at Hewitt St. and Garrison St. – and are expected to be installed within the next several weeks. A plan for the addition of other traffic control measures is actively being explored at this time.

Meanwhile, we will be contacting the City of Goose Creek Police to report peak contractor construction times, and we will be sending a communication out to the builders regarding speeding and traffic concerns and ask them to make their subcontractors aware we have requested traffic patrol.

We also ask for your help. If a resident is witnessing consistent speeding and/or traffic violations in a particular area we suggest they contact the Goose Creek Police Department with details about the activity and request that police occasionally patrol in the affected areas. This will help amplify our request. For a helpful list of City and other municipal phone numbers click here.

Philips Park Update

We hope resident children are enjoying the new playground at Philips Park. There are seating and tables coming for the green pad area next to the playground. Two grills are also being added to this area. The landscaping contractor responsible for finishing Philips Park has tested positive for COVID, so the completion of the final punch list items on the installation has been delayed.

Hewitt Street Path Concerns

The path behind Hewitt Street is landscaped with native grasses, a plan that was introduced to the community about three years ago. Native grasses take longer to establish, but once they do they are an environmentally superior solution for open area landscaping. For further information about our native grass landscaping, click here.

Since the homesites on Hewitt Street back up to this path, the surrounding common area has been under heavy home construction for the past year. It is very difficult to maintain the open areas and get native grasses established while construction is taking place nearby due to contractors driving heavy equipment and dumping materials in these areas. Members of the development team recently toured the area behind Hewitt Street and the area has been weeded and bare areas have been re-seeded. Once the native grasses in that area have a couple of undisturbed growing seasons to mature, they will take on the desired appearance.

Pool Programming

After careful consideration, the decision has been made to postpone programming activities at the pool while COVID-19 is still so widespread in our area. Our priority remains to ensure residents can continue to safely use their primary amenity during this time. Only 7% of community associations across the country were able to even open their pools at all in June and July. We are happy the pool has been available for resident use this summer, and particularly pleased that we have not had the need to implement reservations or limited scheduling, as other pools in our area are doing.

Pool programming will be allowed again when Berkeley County sees a 14 day continuous decline in positive Covid cases AND the total number of positive Covid cases statewide are less than 10% of the total number of tests.

As a reminder, summer season pool hours are 7am–10pm. The pool monitor hours are 1pm – 8pm. In addition, the kitchen is now available for use during normal pool hours. You can click here for the pool Rules & Regulations.

Other Reminders and Helpful Links: