Weekly Update: 6/19/2020

We would like to wish all the dads in the neighborhood, a Happy Father’s Day.

This Week’s Food Truck Friday Vendors:

Moe’s Tent: This is a pre-order family meal kit. Please call ahead to place order and set a time to pick it up at the Green Barn. 1-904-775-8553
Customers just need to tell them that they’re with Carnes Crossroads.

Kool Katz Italian Ice:  http://www.koolkatzitalianice.com

Next Week’s Food Truck Friday Vendors:

Just Eat This: http://Food Truck Menu – Just Eat This!

* The dessert truck that was scheduled has canceled. I am working to find another truck and will update you all with a menu when I have confirmation.

Community Reminders

  • The pool  summer season hours are 7am – 10pm.  The pool monitor hours are 1pm – 8pm.  In addition, the kitchen is now available for use during normal pool hours.
  • As a courtesy to your neighbors, please store your trash receptacles out of sight. This can be accomplished by storing them within a fenced area, using landscape screening or storing them within your garage. Your neighbors thank you.
  • Please do your doody and pick up after your pet!
  • Please note that trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles must be stored in your garage or be parked where not visible from the street.
  • Only rain down the drain! Preventing grass clippings and landscape debris from entering the storm drains is an important step to keeping our ponds healthy.
  • Carnes Crossroads Design GuidelinesModification Application