Weekly Update: 6/12/2020

Hello friends and neighbors,

Safety First
Please remind your family members that there should be no swimming/wading/playing in any ponds/lakes throughout the community.  This is extremely dangerous.  Canoeing, kayaking and fishing are allowed but please use caution.

Also a reminder, the areas under development are posted No Trespassing.  These areas may present a hazard so for your safety, please do not enter areas under development.

Happy Flag Day
Did you know that June 14th is Flag Day?  If you would like to brush up on your history of our American Flag, please visit this link to learn more: https://www.history.com/news/95-years-of-flag-day

Extended Pool Hours 
We are pleased to announce that the pool hours have been extended for your swimming pleasure.  The summer season hours are 7am – 10pm.  The pool monitor hours are 1pm – 8pm.  In addition, the kitchen is now available for use during normal pool hours. We ask that you continue to practice social distancing.

Important Pool Safety Reminders
A few important DHEC rules that must be followed:
  • Food or drinks are not allowed in the pool.
  • No glass allowed anywhere within the pool facility.
  • For safety reasons no air filled floatation.
This Week’s Food Truck Friday Vendors:

Tamashii: http://themisfitchef.com
Rolled Quesadillas: http://rolledquesadillas.com
Donutmakes: http://streetfoodfinder.com/DonutMakes
Ice-cream Team: http://www.theicecreamteam.com

Next Week’s Food Truck Friday Vendors:

Moe’s Tent: This is a pre-order family meal kit. Please call ahead to place order and set a time to pick it up at the Green Barn. 1-904-775-8553
Customers just need to tell them that they’re with Carnes Crossroads.

Kool Katz Italian Ice:  http://www.koolkatzitalianice.com

Community Reminders

  • As a courtesy to your neighbors, please store your trash receptacles out of sight. This can be accomplished by storing them within a fenced area, using landscape screening or storing them within your garage. Your neighbors thank you.
  • Please do your doody and pick up after your pet!
  • Please note that trailers, boats, and recreational vehicles must be stored in your garage or be parked where not visible from the street.
  • Only rain down the drain! Preventing grass clippings and landscape debris from entering the storm drains is an important step to keeping our ponds healthy.
  • Carnes Crossroads Design GuidelinesModification Application

Best regards,

Todd Haskett
Community Manager