Traffic and Road Connectivity

The Goose Creek Planning Commission recently reviewed and approved a new street name for the Mungo Homes property, Headwater Drive, which will connect to Parrish Farms Drive. The potential of a connection between the two communities is something that was carefully reviewed by the developer and determined to be a connectivity scenario that likely will provide more benefit to Carnes Crossroads residents than to residents of neighboring communities.

Primarily, the connection will provide alternate travel routes for Carnes Crossroads residents that include stoplights. This will be particularly helpful for residents when exiting the community, as they will be able to connect to Old Summerville Road and access 17A via traffic signal. Meanwhile, there is little benefit for those traveling into Carnes Crossroads for business purposes to use Parish Farms Drive, since our commercial businesses are all easily and directly accessible via 17A.

It doesn’t appear that Mungo Homes will start construction in the adjacent neighborhood for one to two more years. The construction currently underway on Parrish Farms Drive in Carnes Crossroads is expected to wrap up this summer.

On a related note, construction of the Carnes Crossroads traffic light at 17A and 2nd Avenue will begin this summer and is expected to be finished by early fall.