FAQ – Street Parking

The following are common guidelines and laws for street parking. This information comes directly from the City of Goose Creek Police and from the City of Goose Creek website. For more details, please click here.

Common Street Parking Laws:

  • Don’t block driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants or trash receptacles. No person shall park a vehicle on the public street or right-of-way if it would block, obstruct or otherwise interfere with access to street side mailboxes, newspaper receptacles, or trash or refuse receptacles or containers. No person shall park, stop or stand any vehicle on a public street or right-of-way if it blocks or obstructs any portion of the driveway of a person, except with permission of the property owner who owns, or the tenant who rents, the driveway.
  • Vehicles can not park more than 18″ from the curb. This would put the vehicle out in the street too far if parked more than 18″ from the curb.
  • Vehicles should be parked with the flow of traffic.
  •  No person shall allow the engine or other mechanical equipment on a motor vehicle stopped or standing on a public street to continue to operate longer than five minutes, unless movement of the vehicle is prevented by traffic control signals or is physically blocked by other vehicles.
  • No person shall stand or park a vehicle in such manner as to create a public nuisance upon any street for the purpose of:
    (A)   Displaying it for sale;
    (B)   Advertising of any nature whatsoever; and
    (C)   Washing, greasing and repairing the vehicle, except repairs necessitated by an emergency.
  • No person shall stand or park any vehicle upon a street in such a manner as to leave available less than 10 feet of the width of the roadway for the free movement of vehicular traffic, except that a driver shall stop when necessary in obedience to traffic regulations or traffic signs or signals or a police officer.

If you witness a parking violation or have any issues as a result of street parking, please contact the non-emergency City of Goose Creek Police phone number, 843.572.4300. The City of Goose Creek Police will dispatch an officer to assess the situation.

Please contact the POA office if you have any questions.