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Hello Carnes Crossroads! My name is Michael Wilchenski. I am very excited to be here at the Carnes Crossroads to serve as your community manager. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in the near future. Here is a little history about me. I come to you as…  …Read More
The Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club’s updated calendar of classes is now available. The Wellness Club is coordinated by resident, Ryoko Abbott. Ryoko is very passionate about fitness and overall health. Her goal in starting this Wellness Club is to help all of her friends and neighbors at Carnes Crossroads to…  …Read More
The following are common guidelines and laws for street parking. This information comes directly from the City of Goose Creek Police and from the City of Goose Creek website. For more details, please click here. Common Street Parking Laws: Don’t block driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants or trash receptacles.┬áNo person shall…  …Read More