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Street Lights are an important part of the aesthetics, safety and security for our neighborhood. Below is the protocol for having new street lights turned on and also information on who to call once an existing street light goes out or is damaged. New Street Lights: Berkeley Electric creates the…  …Read More
Congratulations to the newly elected 2019 Board of the Carnes Crossroads Neighborhood Association! We are pleased that Judie Edwards, President; Jeff Stelzig, Vice-President; Devin Clinevell, Secretary; and Ronald Smith, Treasurer will lead our community organization for the next year. The POA would like to thank Greg Varley and Karen Williams…  …Read More
Please keep in mind when displaying holiday decorations that decorations are limited to the owners’ property. They shall not be displayed in the right of way (the area between the curb and the sidewalk) blocking sidewalks, driveways or mailboxes and must be removed within 30 days following the occurrence of…  …Read More
The pool will be closed for the season beginning Monday, October 21st. The last day for swimming will be Sunday, October 20th. Please do not throw out or dispose your current fobs. When the pools reopen in 2020, your current fobs will be reactivated remotely for your use.  …Read More
As a reminder, association policy allows one political sign (per property and per candidate) to be placed on private property within 30 days of an election. Signs should be no larger than 18″ x 24″. Please note that the area between the sidewalk and curb is public right of way,…  …Read More
The She Tris AquaGirl & Aquathon Run is this Friday, 10/12 starting at 2 PM to 9 PM and Saturday, 10/13 starting at 6 AM to 11 AM. Please be cautious when traveling throughout the community especially in the areas of the Green Barn and Village Green. The participants will be walking…  …Read More
Update as of 10.10.18: For the safety of all residents and guests, the community pool will close at 8 PM today, Wednesday, October 10th until further notice. Due to predicted tropical storm conditions associated with Hurricane Michael, the POA Office will be closed on Thursday, October 11th. If weather permits…  …Read More
The Carnes Crossroads POA has set up an email account that solely addresses questions and concerns regarding POA maintained property (examples below). This email address can be used at any time to report issues you see on POA maintained property.       Examples of POA maintained property: Ponds/Lake Trails…  …Read More
The pool will be closed on Friday, 10/12 starting at 4 PM for the She Tris Aqua Girl and Saturday, 10/13 from 6 AM to 11 AM for the She Tris Aquathon. To register to participate or for more information, go to the She Tris website:  …Read More