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The construction activity in Carnes Crossroads continues to increase. With each new lot under construction, the builder is required to place a dumpster on site to capture the construction debris and trash. The dumpsters are required to be covered at the end of the day to help prevent lightweight articles…  …Read More
Join resident Ryoko Abbott in her high energy, fun new classes starting soon – Zumba® Toning and Aqua Zumba®! Her regular Zumba® class has continued through the winter, but with pool season approaching, she will be providing a 30 minute Zumba® Toning class in the Green Barn plus a 45 minute Aqua Zumba®…  …Read More
Now is a great time for everyone to review the pool rules. Click HERE to read through the pool rules. Please make sure that you have your pool fobs that were distributed to property owners at closing. These fobs are property specific, small grey circular devices that grant you access to the pool, restrooms and kitchen when…  …Read More
Calling all residents! On Saturday, March 11th we will be shooting a short video to welcome the Brooking family to Carnes Crossroads. As recently announced, the Brookings were recently surprised with news that they had been chosen to receive a new home here though Operation Finally Home, an organization that helps provide mortgage-free…  …Read More