April Update From Your Community Manager

Spring is upon us and the warmer weather has arrived. I wanted to provide this update and share some helpful reminders that relate to enjoying our beautiful community at this time of year.

With the warm winter we had this year, landscaping and maintenance in our community’s common areas has begun earlier than usual. Common area turf applications have begun and new pine straw went down a few weeks ago in all of the planter beds. Flowers are scheduled to be planted some time near the end of April.

You’ll also notice that the Green Barn, pool deck and umbrellas have all been pressure washed in preparation for the pool season. The playground and dog park are inspected daily, and painting and pressure washing projects have already begun.

This is the time of year for residents to undertake the same lawn, garden and exterior maintenance activities on their properties. Please click here for guidelines for what you should be doing to keep your yard and home in shape this spring.

You may come across wildlife at Carnes Crossroads at any time during the year, but now that the weather is warming up, critters are out and about more than they have been in months. Please do not feed the wildlife. Feeding bread to ducks and geese is not a healthy practice for the birds or the ponds. Even more importantly, it is very important to never feed the alligators. Alligators will become accustomed to human interaction and will stay close to the pond and lake edges in expectation of receiving food. They also may become aggressive. Please click here to familiarize yourself with what to do if you see an alligator exhibiting aggressive behavior.

With neighbors getting out more often to walk their dogs at this time of year, I’d also like to remind you to please pick up after your pets. Not only is this a common courtesy, it helps limit the spread of disease. Please click here to review our community’s rules and regulations regarding dogs and pets.

The pool opened March 15th! Use of the pool and amenities are regulated by a fob access system on the gate. Magnetic access fobs have been issued to owners with current accounts. If your account is delinquent, you must bring your account current before receiving your access card for privileges to access this amenity. It is important that as Association members, residents assist in minimizing unauthorized persons at the pool and help ensure the pool area is a safe environment. Please click here for more information about pool fobs and review these important reminders about pool use this summer.

I hope you enjoy the spring season at Carnes Crossroads!

Michael Wilchenski
Community Manager