Garbage Can Locations

The POA office often receives calls from property owners regarding the approved location of garbage cans. Please see the below excerpt from the Carnes Crossroads Covenants, Conditions and Restrictions (CC&Rs) on appropriate locations for garbage cans.

10.12 Storage of Materials, Garbage and Dumping

All garbage cans shall be located or screened so as to be concealed from view of neighboring streets and property.

All rubbish, trash, and garbage shall be regularly removed and shall not be allowed to accumulate. There shall be no dumping of grass clippings, leaves or other debris; rubbish, trash or garbage; petroleum products, fertilizers, or other potentially hazardous or toxic substances in any pond, lake, drainage ditch or stream within the Properties or on any Common Area, except that fertilizers may be applied to landscaping on property provided care is taken to minimize runoff. Each Owner shall maintain his or her property in a neat and orderly condition.

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