Hello Carnes Crossroads, Pool Season is just around the corner and we recently had a software migration specific to the Carnes Crossroads Community. All of the existing data looks to have been restored, but if you are an avid pool user, please stop into my office at the info center…  …Read More
Love Grass Cutting Schedule Part of the Carnes landscape contract includes the annual maintenance of the love grass that is located along the ponds and open space trail areas that in many areas backs up to the rear of properties. The best time to clip this open space grass is…  …Read More
Spring is the season of growth, renewal, and repair. Help your landscape recover from winter and look its best. Rake your lawn to eliminate fallen leaves, branches and other debris. Detail and manicure your gardens and lawns to help them look their best. Fertilize lawn areas to green-up the lawn…  …Read More
Hello Carnes Crossroads! My name is Michael Wilchenski. I am very excited to be here at the Carnes Crossroads to serve as your community manager. I hope we will have the opportunity to meet in the near future. Here is a little history about me. I come to you as…  …Read More
The Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club’s updated calendar of classes is now available. The Wellness Club is coordinated by resident, Ryoko Abbott. Ryoko is very passionate about fitness and overall health. Her goal in starting this Wellness Club is to help all of her friends and neighbors at Carnes Crossroads to…  …Read More
The following are common guidelines and laws for street parking.  This is information per the City of Goose Creek Police and from the City of Goose Creek website. For more details, please refer to http://www.cityofgoosecreek.com/162/Code-of-Ordinances. Common Street Parking Laws: Don’t block driveways, mailboxes, fire hydrants, trash receptacles. No person shall park a…  …Read More
The 2019 Annual Assessments have been mailed to the property owners in both Carnes Crossroads Associations. The Annual Assessments are due by January 01, 2019. They will be considered late after January 31, 2019 and will be subject to late fees at that time. All accounts that have not been paid…  …Read More
Carnes Crossroads residents are reminded that all pets must be kept on a leash at all times and pet owners are responsible for the clean up of their pets. Please see the below information from the City of Goose Creek website as well as information from the Carnes Crossroads Covenants,…  …Read More
Join your neighbors for this fun, community effort! • The plan is for a community-wide luminary display for Christmas Eve. Our hope is that you will consider participating this year and that we make it a holiday tradition that we all look forward to in years to come. • Each…  …Read More