FAQ – Rules & Laws on Golf Carts in the Community

In regards to golf cart guidelines and laws, please see the information from the Carnes Crossroads CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) below as well as an email that was sent from Lt. Battista with the City of Goose Creek Police. This email includes laws for golf carts within a community. He asked that the non-emergency police phone number, 843.572.4300 be called by anyone seeing any questionable behavior or seeing any children driving motorized vehicles such as golf carts at the time the alleged offense occurs so that the police can drive out to the neighborhood at that point.  Please read through the CC&R’s as well as the laws provided by the City of Goose Creek Police below.

Excerpt from the Carnes Crossroads CC&R’s:

 10.7 Vehicles. (a) Automobiles, non-commercial trucks and vans shall be parked only in garages, driveways, other appropriate spaces or areas designated for parking by the Declarant and/or the Association, or otherwise as permitted by applicable law. No motorized vehicles shall be permitted on pathways, sidewalks, or unpaved areas, empty lots, except for public safety vehicles authorized by the Board. No automobile or non-commercial truck or van may be left upon any portion of the Properties, except in a garage, if it is unlicensed or if it is in a condition such that it is incapable of being operated upon the public highways. Such vehicle shall be considered a nuisance and may be removed from the Properties.
(b) Recreational vehicles shall be parked only in the garages, if any, serving the Units or, with the prior written approval of the ARB, other hard-surfaced areas which are not visible from the street or Adjacent Properties. “Visibility” shall be determined by the ARB in its sole discretion. The term “recreational vehicles,” as used herein, shall include, without limitation, motor homes, mobile homes, boats, “jet skis” or other watercraft, trailers, other towed vehicles, motorcycles, mini-bikes, scooters, go-carts, golf carts, campers, buses, commercial trucks and commercial vans. Any recreational vehicle parked or stored in violation of this provision shall be considered a nuisance and may be removed from the Properties. The Declarant and/or the Association may designate certain parking areas within the Properties for recreational vehicles subject to reasonable rules and fees, if any.

Email from Lt. Battista:

With summer upon us we will begin to see an increase in the usage of golf carts by residents in our communities. Therefore please be mindful of the operational regulations listed below. Thank you.

56-2-105. Golf cart permit and the operation of a golf cart.

An individual or business owner of a vehicle commonly known as a golf cart may obtain a permit decal and registration from the DMV upon presenting proof of ownership and liability insurance for the golf cart and upon payment of a five dollar fee.

During daylight hours only, a permitted golf cart: may be operated within four miles of the address on the registration certificate or within four miles of a point of ingress and egress to a gated community and only on a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less;  within four miles of the registration holder’s address, and while traveling along a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less, a permitted golf cart may cross a highway or street at an intersection where the highway has a posted speed limit of more than thirty-five miles an hour; along a secondary highway or street for which the posted speed limit is thirty-five miles an hour or less on an island not accessible by a bridge designed for use by automobiles.

A person operating a permitted golf cart must be at least sixteen years of age and hold a valid driver’s license.

The operator of a permitted golf cart being operated on a highway or street must have in his possession: the registration certificate issued by the department; proof of liability insurance for the golf cart; and his driver’s license.

A golf cart permit must be replaced with a new permit every five years, or at the time the permit holder changes his address.

A political subdivision may, on designated streets or roads within the political subdivision’s jurisdiction, reduce the area in which a permitted golf cart may operate from four miles to no less than two miles. However, a political subdivision may not reduce or otherwise amend the other restrictions placed on the operation of a permitted golf cart contained in this section.

The provisions of this section that restrict the use of a golf cart to certain streets, certain hours, and certain distances shall not apply to a golf cart used by a public safety agency in connection with the performance of its duties.

Lt. Joshua Battista
Traffic Bureau
City of Goose Creek Police Dept.
519 N. Goose Creek Blvd.
Goose Creek, SC 29445

If you have any questions, please call the POA office at 843.971.9200 or the City of Goose Creek Police at 843.572.4300.