Post Storm Update

Carnes Crossroads fared well considering the historic storm surge throughout the Low Country from Tropical Storm/Hurricane Irma.  There is debris on sidewalks and common areas, but all streets are passable. All infrastructure performed very well.

Clean up of the community started early this morning. Over the next several weeks, we will be working with our various contractors to pick up debris and continue to assess damage throughout the community.

It would be very helpful to the POA if you could start cleaning up the debris in your yards and in front of your houses. Most of the downed or leaning street trees, which are located between the curb and sidewalk, were straightened and staked today. There are a few small pines left to straighten and restake along Carnes Crossing.

Regarding trash and yard debris pick up, the City of Goose Creek is running on their normal pick up schedule this week. Please follow all policies for trash and yard debris collection found HERE. Recycle pick up is running a day behind their normal scheduled day.

The pool will reopen once the pool contractors have assessed it for debris and have the chemical levels balanced. This process started today and could take another day or two. The POA will announce when the pool is given the all clear and is ready to be reopened.

The mail kiosk on Wodin Place is reinstalled and is in working order.

The lake and ponds have been checked and are receding. The developer and the POA will continue to monitor the water levels to insure that they continue to recede as they are designed to do.

Our POA “report a problem” new email address – which is is working very efficiently and we would like to thank all of those who have submitted issues through that email address thus far and we encourage anyone who may have identified storm related issues to continue to use this address.  If you have already sent the problem in via that email address, please know that we have received it and have dispatched it to the appropriate contacts.  Please do not resend any previously submitted “report a problem” to us as we do not want to create duplicates.

Events and Activities:

  • This weekend’s Fall Red Balloon Sale is taking place as scheduled!
  • St. Jude Run/Walk is still on schedule for next Saturday, September 23rd.

Thank you for your patience as we work to bring Carnes Crossroads to its pre-storm condition.