Post Storm Lake Update

The engineers for the POA and the developer continued to monitor the lake levels at Carnes Crossroads on the days following Hurricane Irma.  Water levels in St. James Lake in particular were of concern to some residents.  In summary,  their findings are below:

“Our opinion remains consistent with the information that was disseminated to the community on  9/13/17. The lake stage is a culmination of 1) above average rainfalls in August & September creating a saturated soil condition (above average runoff), 2) slow lake recovery time due to control structure modification, and 3) the haul road routing some unaccounted area to the lakes. It is likely that the lake level was already elevated prior to Irma and therefore created the condition we saw earlier this week.”

The plan moving forward is listed below and Berkeley County is in agreement.

  1. Contractors will remove the new riser off the control structure & same grates will go back on original top.   This will return the structure to its original condition.
  2. We are going to work on an alternative structure modification in an effort to improve the lake recovery time & still try to meet the County Freeboard requirement.
  3. We will review with County & get their approval prior to any further structure modifications.