Information on Street Trees

The trees planted between the street curb and the sidewalk in front of completed homes in Carnes Crossroads are called “street trees”. The trees are typically installed in cooler weather by the developer in blocks where homes are completed. As the trees mature, they will eventually create a framed, visual corridor of the street. There are numerous benefits in having street trees including providing shade for pedestrians.

In order to create a seamless visual corridor of street trees, the ARB’s policy is that the street tree beds have pine straw instead of mulch and that the beds have no decorative borders.  This will allow for a consistent and cohesive look throughout the community.

It is the responsibility of property owners to maintain street trees adjacent to their property. Any tree that is removed should be replaced by an ARB approved tree that is listed in the ARB design guidelines.

Please see the below information from the Carnes Crossroads CC&R’s regarding property owner’s responsibility. Additional information on street trees can be found in the Carnes Crossroads Architectural Review Board Design Guidelines.

Click here to go to the ARB Design Guidelines.


5.2 Owner’s Responsibility.

Each Owner shall maintain his or her Unit and all improvements located thereon, including without limitation, all structures, parking areas, sprinkler and irrigation systems, landscaping and other flora, and other Improvements on the Unit in a manner consistent with the Community-Wide Standard, all Governing Documents and the Zoning Ordinance, unless such maintenance responsibility is otherwise assumed by or assigned to the Association or a Neighborhood Association. Each Owner shall also maintain the driveway and mailbox serving his or her Unit and all landscaping, including street trees, located in any right-of-way immediately adjacent to the Owner’s Unit. In the event that a street tree within a right-of-way is diseased, significantly damaged or destroyed, the Owner of the adjacent Unit shall be responsible for the installation of a replacement tree of the same variety that meets the minimum caliper as established by the ARB, if any. In addition to any other enforcement rights, if an Owner fails properly to perform his or her maintenance responsibility, the Association may perform such maintenance responsibilities and assess all costs incurred by the Association against the Unit and the Owner in accordance with Section 8.6(c). The Association shall afford the Owner reasonable notice and an opportunity to cure the problem prior to entry, except when entry is required due to an emergency. Entry by the Association or its designee under this Section shall not constitute a trespass.