FAQ – Neighborhood Street Lights

Street Lights are an important part of the aesthetics, safety and security for our neighborhood. Below is the protocol for having new street lights turned on and also information on who to call once an existing street light goes out or is damaged.

New Street Lights:
Our development team sends the approved street plans to Berkeley Electric Cooperative. Berkeley Electric creates the street lighting plan and sends it to the development team and the City of Goose Creek Planning & Zoning Department. Sarah Hanson with the City of Goose Creek Planning Department and Mandy Newman with the Department of Public Works are the people who keep track of new lights and when they are turned on. It is the Department of Public Works who turns on the street lights. If you notice that a street light is installed, but not turned on, please contact Mandy Neumann at mneumann@cityofgoosecreek.com or 843.824.2200  x 4260.

Existing Working Street Lights:
Berkeley Electric Cooperative is to be called when an existing light goes out, damaged or any other issue with the street light after it has been turned on by the City’s Department of Public Works. When calling Berkeley Electric Cooperative, property owners should have the identification number which is on the yellow tag that is mounted on the street light pole for reference. The Berkeley Electric phone number is 843.553.5020.