Driving Down an Alley the Wrong Way

One-way driving is usually indicated by a sign with an arrow pointing the appropriate direction of travel for that street. Occasionally, by driver error or a sign that is not visible, a driver will travel the wrong direction on a one-way street. This is an illegal traffic violation. At times, police officers will honk the horn or otherwise give you a warning that you are headed the wrong way. Other times, you may receive a ticket.

The alleys in Carnes Crossroads are one-way. Please observe the one-way signs by driving down the alleys in the correct direction as a safety concern and as an illegal traffic violation. Several property owners have reported that neighbors have taken short cuts by driving down the alleys incorrectly which has resulted in several near misses. This applies to bicycles, scooters, golf carts or any other motorized vehicle.

If you have traffic concerns, questions or wish to request focused enforcement, please contact the City of Goose Creek Traffic Unit Supervisor Lieutenant, Joshua Battista at 843-863-5200 Ext. 2323.