Construction Dumpsters

Did you know that dumping household garbage in the construction dumpsters is considered illegal dumping? While it seems convenient to just dump old furniture, etc. in the builders dumpsters, it actually creates a trickle down effect that increases the cost for new home construction. Additional services to the dumpsters can create additional construction cost that eventually affects the new owners. Please do not dump your personal, household garbage in the construction dumpsters. The City of Goose Creek Department of Public Works will pick up large bulk items.

While residents are not required to contact the Department of Public Works to arrange pickup of bulk items such as refrigerators, stoves, large yard debris piles, etc., advance notice is greatly appreciated. By contacting the Department of Public Works, you enable them to plan more efficient collection routes.

If you will  need large bulk item(s) collected, please call the City of Goose Creek Department of Public Works at 843-824-2200 and follow the voice prompts, or complete an online form at least 24 hours before your regular pickup time.