Additional Post Storm Updates

This morning, the developer met with their engineers and Berkeley County Stormwater and reviewed the current lake levels.  It should be noted that the lakes have begun to recede from observations made late yesterday.  It is the opinion of the engineers and Berkeley County that there is no immediate concern of the lakes rising further. Temporary measures are being taken to hasten the return of the lake adjacent to St. Thomas Park to a normal level.  The lakes are designed to current county standards and are expected to fluctuate depending on the intensity of the storm event.  The unusually elevated lake levels are likely the result of not only rainfall associated with Hurricane Irma, but the above normal rainfall levels experienced in August and September prior to the storm.  This has resulted in unexpected over-land flow of storm water from the heavily saturated, undeveloped lands, post storm event.

The development team, engineers and Berkeley County are collectively studying this issue in pursuit of minimizing impacts in the future.  Again, we feel there is no immediate, near term, nor future threat to property and welfare.  We are committed to further studying and determining if any modifications need to be made to the storm drainage system.

Additionally, the pool will be re-opened today by 5 PM.

Our POA “report a problem” new email address – which is is working very efficiently and we would like to thank all of those who have submitted issues through that email address thus far and we encourage anyone who may have identified storm related issues to continue to use this address.  If you have already sent the problem in via that email address, please know that we have received it and have dispatched it to the appropriate contacts.  Please do not resend any previously submitted “report a problem” to us as we do not want to create duplicates.