Please note that the section of Parish Farms Drive from the round about at 1st Avenue to the pool parking lot at Wodin Place will be closed for the Movies on Village Green tomorrow evening from 5:30 PM to 11 PM. Food trucks and vendors will be in this section…  …Read More
The Daniel Island Development team shared this information regarding the plan for the native grasses (love grass) that are planted along the banks of the ponds, lake and various common spaces of the community. The grasses will take time to grow and mature and patience is asked as we grow-in…  …Read More
The Northwood Swim Team will start back to daily practices Monday through Friday on Monday, July 31st. The practice times in the pool will be 7 AM to 8 AM. If anyone wishes to swim laps during that time frame, they will gladly move over to open up a lane.…  …Read More
The POA is pleased to announce that Steven Campbell has been hired as the Maintenance Manager for Carnes Crossroads. He brings years of management experience to the position including managing maintenance at another local community. Steven will be starting the part-time position the week of July 9th. His duties will…  …Read More
As residents of this great community, we have grown accustomed to appreciating the beauty of our picturesque landscapes at home, the common areas, and the lakes with wildlife, such as deer, alligators, squirrels, fox, and even coyote. Our interaction with the local wildlife can be fascinating at times, but can…  …Read More
Save the date for the first annual Wellness Fair at the Green Barn on Saturday, September 8th! We are seeking interested exhibitors, sponsors and volunteers. The inaugural Carnes Crossroads Wellness Fair will take place on Saturday, September 8, 2018 from 10 am to 2 pm​ at the Green Barn and…  …Read More
The POA and Marketing teams recently met to discuss the future direction of the Farmers’ Market. Despite careful thought about the direction of this year’s market and much work to promote it, attendance remains low, which is making it difficult to manage vendor expectations. Therefore, we have decided to end the weekly Market mid-season. The…  …Read More
Did you know that residents of Carnes Crossroads can use the basketball court and practice field at Northwood Academy when they are not in use? The POA recently spoke to the school about the use of these facilities. The school invited residents to use the basketball court M-F after 6…  …Read More
There is a lost and found bin in the kitchen at the Green Barn that contains items found in the pool area. If you are missing anything, please check out the bin. The gate attendants are putting items found in and around the pool in this bin. If you have…  …Read More