Have you checked out the new fitness trail with exercise stations that is installed along the trail off Callibluff Drive at Garrison Street? There are instruction panels next to each station. Ryoko Abbott will be using the new stations in her upcoming Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club boot camp classes. Get…  …Read More
In regards to golf cart guidelines and laws, please see the information from the Carnes Crossroads CC&R’s (Covenants, Conditions & Restrictions) below as well as an email that was sent from Lt. Battista with the City of Goose Creek Police. This email includes laws for golf carts within a community. He asked…  …Read More
The Carnes Crossroads Wellness Club, coordinated by resident Ryoko Abbott, gets started May 1st! Join Ryoko for the first two weeks of May to sample the various classes that will be included in the program. Ryoko is very passionate about fitness and overall health. Her goal in starting this Wellness…  …Read More
Please lower the umbrellas when leaving the pool to avoid wind damage to our community amenity. The gate attendants will be starting Memorial Weekend and will be working 11 AM to 6 PM. They will raise and lower the umbrellas during the hours that they are there. Until Memorial Weekend,…  …Read More
Did you know that dumping household garbage in the construction dumpsters is considered illegal dumping? While it seems convenient to just dump old furniture, etc. in the builders dumpsters, it actually creates a trickle down effect that increases the cost for new home construction. Additional services to the dumpsters can…  …Read More
Ryoko Abott’s Aqua Zumba class at the community pool will be starting back in May on Wednesdays! The first class will be May 2nd at 4:30 PM to 5:30 PM. Stay tuned for additional water aerobic classes as well as announcements for other workout programs, styles, and options available starting…  …Read More
Preparing Your Home for a New Look? Carnes Crossroads ARB approval is required for repainting any home, fence or unit that is changing from the current color. If you have been thinking of repainting your home and changing the paint color, please click here for the ARB Modification Application for…  …Read More
White grubs are the larval (immature) stage of several different scarab beetles. In the southeastern United States, masked chafers, May and June beetles, green June beetles and the grub stage of Japanese beetles are all common turfgrass pests.  From year to year, the Japanese beetle consistently causes the most damage to both turfgrass and ornamentals.…  …Read More
The community pool opened on Saturday, March 17th. Now is a great time for everyone to review the pool rules. Click HERE to read through the pool rules. Please make sure that you have your pool fobs that were distributed to new property owners at closing. These fobs work year after year, are property specific, small grey…  …Read More